Saturday 10 March 2012

Saturated Canary Kids card swap

Hi everyone, i hope you are all OK.
Hello as well to my new followers, thank you for following me and i will be coming to visit
you over the weekend!
Today i wanted to tell you all about the kids card swap i did last month.
It was organised by Krista Smith who is the lady who draws the 
Saturated Canary digi images. 
All the kids that entered the swap got a partner and they both had to make a card
 using a Saturated Canary digi.
It's a good job my Mum has some of these cos i really was excited about it.
My partner was Niamh who is Krista's daughter and she lives in America!!!
I was just so excited to know somebody in America and it looks like me and Niamh like loads of the same things and her Mum told my Mum that Niamh says i'm her long lost Sister.
I think we will be friends forever!
This is the card that Niamh made for me. I love the bright colours and the patterns and i really love the sewing
all around the edges

. Niamh sent me a lovely present of some Hubba Bubba and some
Starburst lip gloss. How did she know that Starburst are one of my favourite things?

 Here is a picture of the card that i made for Niamh.
To Krista - Thank you for organising the card swap.I hope me and Niamh
keep in touch forever.
Thank you for looking at my blog.
Love from Rebecca xx


  1. Hi Rebecca

    How lovely to have a friend in America.
    Your card is beautiful, and so too is the card you received from Niamh.
    Have a lovely weekend.

    Hugs Julie x

  2. Hi Rebecca

    2 great cards and what a lovely idea.

    have a lovely weekend
    Hugs Shaz x

  3. Hi wonderful to have a friend in America and your card is wonderful.
    Debbie x

  4. I do love reading about your delight in crafting all the fun it brings you. I am sure you will soon have loads of friends all around the world. Your cards are lovely. Have a great week. xx Maggie

  5. What a great idea and two fabulous cards!
    Helen x

  6. Hi Rebecca, How exciting to have a friend in America. Both your cards are beautiful.
    Hope you have had a lovely weekend.
    Diane xx

  7. Rebecca it is so wonderful for you to have found a friend that shares your love of crafting! Your card and Niamh are both delightful!

  8. Both of these cards are just great...Your friend in America is lucky to have a friend in England!
    I bet she is telling all her friends at school about you!

  9. Gorgeous cards Rebecca you are doing so well, You will be the queen of craft by the time you are 18. Well done Hugs Elaine

  10. Hi there Rebecca, oh my what a very talented young lady you are.Your card is gorgeous and so beautifully put together.I hope your mam doesn't pinch any of your

    Well it has been lovely reading about you and wow 5 brothers!!!! hope there not too bossy.
    Have a lovely week sweetie and I will stop by again very soon...hugs to you


  11. Rebecca, I love your card and the one you received. How neat... Glad to see your followers are growing. You are doing so good. sassy raggedy


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