Thursday 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone i hope you are all OK! Today is my favorite holiday
I am on a half term break from school so i am doing some spooky
 things like carving pumpkins and baking Halloween buns and
 cakes and later on im going trick or treating! I love making spooky
 things so i decided to do a Halloween display in the corner of our
 dining room/craft room! I used some spiders web around the edge
 and if you look really close you can see tiny spiders running across
 it! Then i put a spooky haunted house on a stand and filled a
 goblet with sweets and put it next to the house. We found a
Frankenstein light and my mum even decorated a candle! The 
creepy skull is put on a tub to stand higher than everything else
 with 2 paper pumpkins at either side. Then we covered a box to
 look like a mummy with 2 wiggly eyes and filled it with orange
 and black shredded paper. My brother so kindly stood for ages
 cutting up a black bag and put it above it all to look like 
streamers then lastly we put some more black and orange shredded
 paper in the empty bits. I loved making this..... it was
 soo much fun!
I will see you all very soon!
Love From Rebecca xx



  1. Happy Halloween Rebecca!!!
    Wow, your Halloween corner looks awesome!! I love those gorgeous pumpkins and the fab candle… and the cobwebs and spiders are wonderful.. it all looks perfect!
    Hope you have a great time trick or treating!!
    Take Care
    Big hugs
    Sue xx

  2. Hi Rebecca wow what a fabulous Halloween corner you have made,the streamers are very effective and the shull and pumpkins, love the candle too, you have put a lot of hard work into it, I love it it's great, well done, Happy trick and treating later.

    Hugs Julie xxxx

  3. Such a fab corner rebecca and i hope u had fun truck or treating. Lucy and penny have been little witches all day long and have had lots of fun! X

  4. Wow!!! Spookyrific!!!

    It looks fabulous Rebecca...You, your Mum, and brother did a great job. Love the spiders running across the webbing and the paper pumkins are pretty.
    You have lots of hieghts varying which looks so good...
    Happy Spooky night is only 3:30 in the afternoon here...I think it is almost midnight in England!

    My doorbell has not started ringing but we will get about 150 kids...some kids and some teens...we love having them all come by...the costumes are always great and everyone gets a chocolate bar...even if they are 18!!! lol

  5. WOW! I love it hunnie, love the spiders on the cobweb & the haunted house looks great! You really have done a fab job!

    Enjoy what's left of your hols
    hugs shell xx

  6. Loving this little scene you have created...looks awesome sweetie!!

    Have a lovely weekend!!
    hugs and xxx

  7. Hi Rebecca, what a lovely scene you created! I hope you had a wonderful Halloween and did you go Trick or Treating? Hope you got lots of sweets if you did!!



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