Saturday 25 October 2014

My Drawing!

Hi blog friends just under a week till Halloween
and I'm really excited! I love everything about
Halloween and its definitely one of my 
favourite holidays (apart from Christmas
obviously.) If you didn't know already
I love to draw, although I might not be
very good at it. So, I decided to draw
a bird/parrot and show it to you. I'm
really happy about how this turned
out and if I still like to draw in the
future, who knows I might become
an artist. This is the first of many
drawings that I'm going to be
 showing you so please let me know
what you think. Thanks for visiting my
blog, I'm gonna be blogging a lot more
so keep checking for new posts.
Love From Rebecca xx


  1. This is a fabulous drawing! My sister (also named Rebecca) has 5 parrots. If you go to her blog and scroll through you will find pictures of them. Her blog is She is also a follower of yours. Keep up the good work! Hugs, Robin

  2. This is a brilliant sketch Rebecca… birds are very difficult to draw! I love drawing too but I'm not very good. You've got the details, scale and perspective spot on here… well done! look forward to seeing more of your drawings. :-)
    Hope you have a great Weekend!
    Big hugs Sue B xx

  3. Hello, Rebecca,
    I found your blog through your mum's one and I am happy to see such a young and creative girl because I also loved creating when I was a child. You must be 15 now, I suppose (I see three years have passed by since you started blogging), and you are very creative. Your drawing is lovely! This is something I can't do. Drawing animals is very difficult. Maybe you should study art in the future and develop more this ability!

    Mariangela ^___^

  4. Well are a young lady of many talents! Your drawing is wonderful. You already are an artist!


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