Monday 4 May 2015

Journal 52-Colouring Book Inspiration

Hi everyone you okay? Haven't done much today, we've got the
day off school for May Day or something so I've just been watching
 a marathon of my favourite programme on the sofa all day! On
Friday though, me and my school went to go watch the Tour De
Yorkshire as it was coming to Scarborough and it was so cool watching
them all go past! Anyway, I know you're probably getting
sick of seeing these but I love making them so much! So the other day
I was looking down my list of Journal 52 prompts and I was picking
out which one I would do in my Journal. I got to the prompt "Colouring
Book Inspiration." and thought about that time when all of us we're kids and
 were painting/colouring and we would do the typical green grass and
blue sky with the sun in the corner of the page. Oh and a house with
 stick people living in it? What I decided to do was create that using
my mums paint stash. I have to say, I love the way it turned out...very child
like! This was week 10's prompt and if you haven't already, you should
definitely go and have a go at it's so much fun!

Thanks for visiting my blog!
See you next week!
Love From Rebecca xx


  1. This is great Rebecca, love the texture you have created xx

  2. this is so fab Rebecca - love it xx


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