Friday 11 May 2012

Hi everybody I hope you are all having a nice week.
At school I am studying World War 2 and this week we have been learning about 
the children who were evacuated to the country side. Three of us in my class got chosen
to enter a poem competition. I tried to imagine what it would feel like being an evacuee. Here is
 my poem: 

When I was evacuated

I was just a little girl in a strange new place.
Everywhere I looked I saw a strange new face
Where am I? Who are they? What can I see?
I saw they were scared Just like me.

No bombs, no sirens, just beautiful birdsong,
I wondered if I'd be there long?
I heard cows, I heard sheep, a buzzing bee,
I wondered if they were scared,  just like me.

I felt so scared, I felt so glum,
I really really really, missed my mum.
I wanted to go home yet wanted to stay here,
During the war in the country, I felt less fear.

Thanks for reading my poem see you tomorrow
Love From Rebecca



  1. Oh Rebecca what a fabulous poem , My Dad and his two brothers were evacuated, his family Lived in Liverpool in the North West of England and the he and his brothers were evacuated to a place in North Wales. Dad was place with a farming family who were not very nice to him and they made him work for long hours on the farm, My Dads brothers were placed with a nice family who looked after them and they were very sad to leave them when it was time to go back to Liverpool.
    Hugs Elaine

  2. That poem was great and I think you really captured the feelings of those children!

  3. Rebecca... This is just a fantastic poem.. it sums up the feelings of the children of that time so well.. Well done.. Hugs May x x x

  4. Oh Rebecca, What a wonderful poem. It makes us so thankful we live in a time where we are so lucky to not have to live like that. Your poem touched my heart. Such wonderful and soothing words from someone so young, joann Sassy Raggedy

  5. Oh your poem is wonderful Rebecca!!! I think it sums up exactly how evacuees must have felt.

    My dad and his younger brother were both evacuated to the countryside in Carnforth. He said that the the first family that took them in were not very nice and used to make him and his brother do all the farm work!!!! but they were later sent to another farm with nice family and they loved it there. He also said there used to be a posh squire from a nearby estate - he would come riding through the village and would throw sweets to all the children.
    Ooh that's very strange!!! I just read Elaine's comment above and she has said nearly the same thing! I suppose it must have happened a lot with the farms and making the boys do all the work!
    Good luck in the competition!
    Big Hugs
    Sue xx

  6. Hello loVely that you are following in your Mummy's footsteps, it's wonderful that you have your own blog and can share your crafty pieces & other projects too...loVe your poem & what a super piece of Hisyory to be learning about...well it's been nice having a natter & I'd like to follow you if thats ok...bye for now...Mel :)

  7. beautiful poem Rebecca, my Mum was one of those little girls and she loved it after the strangness had worn off, she lived in the heart of a city and loved the fresh air and countryside of Cornwall
    Mina xxx

  8. Wonderful Poem Bex, well done. Chris xx


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