Sunday 22 March 2015

Journal 52-Pathways

Hi there blog friends! You okay? This week on my blog,I decided to share with
you my very first journal page. So, if you didn't know already me and my mum
 have decided to join in with Journal 52 and their weekly prompts. For the
first week the prompt was Pathways. My inspiration was choosing my
options. I've always known which pathway I wanted to take and when I
 recently picked my options I was really nervous and scared that I wasn't going
 to get the ones that I wanted. I picked Hairdressing and Art. In the end I was
 extremely happy when I came home from school one day and was greeted with
my mum beaming at me and saying that I had got my options but it was a bit of
a battle lol. I really enjoyed the messiness of making this page, it was just so
easy and I didn't have to worry about it being neat or perfect. I will
 definitely be doing more of these! Thanks for visiting, see you next time.
Love From Rebecca xx


  1. Wow its fab love the textures you have and lovely colours brilliant

  2. Well done Rebecca! I recall your Mum's struggle to help you get the options you wanted. You will do fantastic in whatever patch you choose to follow!

    Great journal page, love all the colour and texture xxSAMxx

  3. Well done hun I am so glad you got your options in the end your mum is so proud of you. This is one super journal page love it hugs cheryl xxx

  4. So glad to hear you got the options you wanted! It is important to be able to do the things that you are interested in and want to do.
    So many people spend their lives stuck doing things that do not bring them joy!

    Your page looks great. I think the idea of a 52 page journal is neat. It is something I could see trying. Iwould be new to journalling like you and your first lage is wonderful.


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