Sunday 30 August 2015

Summr Challenge #7 and #8

Hiya, have you all had a good weekend? I've spent the weekend with my friend
Jess at a caravan site and although it was fun and we had a good time; it's
good to be home! So today I'm sharing Summer Challenge #7 and #8 which
is "Write a book review" and "Write another book review" and seen as
though, they're they same thing I thought I'd put them both on the same post. 
The first book I reviewed is The Fault In Our Star by John Green.
It didn't take me long to read this book because I really enjoyed it and
I didn't want it to end! It starts with a girl called Hazel who is a 17 year old
girl with cancer. She isn't very social and is obsessed with a book called An
Imperial Affliction. She goes to support group to please her parents and while
there she meets a boy called Augustus/Gus. They end up becoming best friends
and Gus ends up reading An Imperial Affliction and loves it as much as
Hazel. Every child/teenager with cancer gets one wish and as long as it's
realistic; the founders of the charity will make it happen if it's possible.
Hazel already used her wish when she was younger to go to Disney land
with her parents. Gus uses his wish to take him, hazel and her parents
to Amsterdam to meet the author of An Imperial Affliction. While
in Amsterdam, they visit Anne Frank's house, go for a fancy dinner and
meet the author of An Imperial Affliction-Peter Van Houten. Although
the visit to meet Peter Van Houten wasn't as they expected, they still
ended up having a great time! I'm not going to spoil the ending but
if you're going to read it, make sure you've got a box of tissues
close by!
I rate this book a 9/10
The other book I reviewed is Gone by Michael Grant. I couldn't
properly get into this book because although the storyline was so well
thought out and interesting, it didn't grab my attention. In the book;
everyone over the age of 15 disappears, leaving all of the children
by themselves. There's also a huge, tall barrier/wall that goes
around in a circle, separating them from the outside world. On top
of all of that, there are certain kids with powers for example; the
main character Sam can shoot beams of light out of his hands and
it will burn a hole through anything. Then as well as dealing with
 all of that; they need to find a way out and be re-united with their
families before vanishing when they turn 15. So Sam and his friends
have definitely got their work cut out for them!
I rate this book an 8/10
Well, those are my two book reviews! I'm sorry this post was
long but thanks for visiting my blog and I'll see you soon!
Love From Rebecca xx

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  1. What a fab post Rebecca !!!
    you kept me hooked from start to finish… I think you could have a future in writing… you have described both books wonderfully and kept things succinct which is perfect for a book review.. well done!!
    Hope you're enjoying the weekend
    Hugs Sue B xx


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